About us

Seven years ago, my husband and I sat ashen faced in a cafe, dumbstruck by the news that our second baby was, in fact, identical twins. In the space of a few minutes, our family skidded off the parental motorway and hurtled down the winding, rutted track of twinhood.

Now that my twins have just celebrated their seventh birthdays and my eldest son is almost 10, we are still holding the map upside down while fiddling with Sat Nav, but the bumps, u-turns, dead ends and scary downhill bits have become our norm.

Blood, Sweat and Twins is a long overdue attempt to record the reality of life, or at least my life, with twins plus an older son.  Please tell me what you think – I have loved meeting so many parents of twins where I live in south London and I hope to meet many more through this blog.

About me

A journalist and writer, I worked on newspapers for more than 10 years before taking voluntary redundancy from The Independent whilst on maternity leave with my first son. Since then I  co-founded SE23 Twins, a playgroup and support network for parents and their twins in south London and remain active in my local twins community.

My first book, “It’s Twins! Now What?” has just been published by Summersdale. The book covers the first year of raising twins and is based on interviews with many fellow parents of twins. It offers first hand, practical advice as well as some funny stories and general reassurances that you’re not doing it all wrong.

I write the occasional freelance article, most recently for The Sunday Times and The Independent.


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